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Chapter VIII

“We Ride For Those Who Died”


One of the most emotional and time honored traditions embodied in our motto  is the Memorial Bracelet worn by Police Unity Tour members honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Inscribed with the Hero’s Name, Agency and E.O.W. date and worn during the ride, it serves to remind all who see it that a life was sacrificed to protect a community and of the loss suffered by a Family and Law Enforcement Community. It is a powerful source of inspiration to a member struggling to uphold the commitment to “Ride For Those Who Died” to summon the courage and outlast the pain, to continue the mission and stand proud at the Memorial on May 12th.


Members receive one bracelet from the Chapter. A member may designate which Hero they want to honor - every year we honor officers killed in the previous calendar year. If you have no preference, one will be designated for you. More than one member may honor the same Hero.


What do I do with the Memorial Bracelet at the conclusion of the Tour? Every member is encouraged to contact the Family, through the Fallen Hero’s Agency (contact information on the Chapter website or visit, through your agency if you are riding for one of your own or from personal involvement. Let them know you are honoring their loved one by sharing a little about the Police Unity Tour and our Mission. Offer an invitation to meet them at The Wall to present them with the bracelet(s). You may not meet the Family, not all attend the ceremonies, but you could mail the bracelet with a letter about your experience.


Do I need additional bracelets? Depending on your contact with the Family and Agency, you may learn about children or other Family members that would benefit from such a memento. Many members elect to keep one in honor of those for whom they have ridden. Some members, unable to reach the Family, send the bracelet to the Agency contact. A lot depends on your resolve to help surviving Family to closure. Survivors have said that the moment of exchange and meeting the member that rode for their loved one, will remain with them forever as a moment of healing. Keep in mind there may be members of other chapters riding for the same officer, so do not be surprised if they say other PUT members have contacted them.


Bracelets may also be ordered to honor a Remembered Hero from another year. These bracelets along with any additional bracelets may be ordered using the form available on the Chapter VIII website. Be sure to have the Fallen Hero’s full name, Agency and E.O.W. to fill out the form.


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